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Learning to Lead

A one-year, part-time programme

We believe that the best leaders have the skills to empower and develop colleagues, and that nothing is more powerful than you as leader modelling the behaviours and attitudes you expect from your team or organisation.

This programme is built on the idea that Leadership, as well as being about vision and strategy and planning, is also about how you are with people day to day and moment to moment.

What's Different about This Programme?

The essence of this innovative programme is to develop you as an influencer who can integrate intellectual, emotional, personal and other learning into your interactions with individuals, groups and teams. We will work with you to grow and nurture your self-awareness and skills as a leader, facilitator and coach.

expert tuition, facilitation and training on leadership

This programme will

learning by doing, knowledge, skills, thoughts, feelings and interactions

Who is the programme for?

This programme is aimed at leaders from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Those who attend:

Benefits of the Programme

You will:

Build on your personal skills and knowledge of leadership

Ways of Working

Our ways of working will include Experiential learning, Theoretical Study, Action research and reflective practice, Masterclasses, and Skills training and practice.

For more information contact us for a brochure. Contact Jenny Cook on 07974 927870 (e-mail or Colin Heyman on 07775 575358 (e-mail