How could personal performance coaching help?

In an earlier, simpler age there was time and space for developing adults and new leaders to spend years modelling themselves on experienced older people. The pace of change was slow, so what you learned from the older generation was still valid, and you were eased into new roles gradually, often after years of deputising.

These conditions rarely apply nowadays. We live at an astonishing pace and are often doing jobs and fulfilling roles that did not exist a generation ago. Support from parents and older colleagues may be welcome and valuable, if they are near enough and available to give it, but their life experience can seem remote from ours, as we chop and change careers and take on steep learning curves and challenges.

That is where a professional performance coach can help. He or she will enable you to find time to manage your own most valuable resource, and often your most overlooked and underused asset—yourself. The coaching can take place in person or over the phone. It is always completely confidential. It will have defined time parameters, but will be flexible according to needs and contingencies.

Personal performance coaching is based on the belief that we all have the resources we need to achieve our goals and desired outcomes, and can be supported to access these. Once we achieve awareness of our own resources, we can take more responsibility for our own success and achieve the results we want.

Coaching facilitates moving on from this self-awareness into action, helping people to decide what necessary next steps to take and how to take them.

Performance coaching is very relevant to your organisational context and is concerned with your own feelings and satisfaction with your performance in relation to both your organisational and personal life … they impact inevitably on each other.

Is performance coaching like life coaching?

Performance coaching also places the focus squarely where it should be—on what you can achieve with our help.

Life coaching has received a lot of trivial airplay and inaccurate newspaper coverage in recent times. And it is true that standards of coaching can be variable. That is why we at Maine-Stream choose to describe what we have been offering our clients for years as performance coaching instead.

So, just for complete clarity, what we offer has no connection whatever to anything scary, Californian or new age, it is not at all confrontational or prescriptive and involves absolutely no shouting, press-ups, insults or tracksuits!