An Introduction to Equality Impact Assessments


1 Day


“Nice balance between theory & practice”

“The Scenarios and having to think of questions + ways of assessing potential impact on protected groups was most useful”

“I had seen examples of EIA's before, but now know how to write one myself”

Carrying out Equality Impact Assessments is both a legal duty and a way of enabling organisations to ensure that they provide services that are accessible to all service users.

Why attend?

This course acts as an introduction to the Equality Impact Assessment process. It gives you both the legal background to carrying out equality impact assessments and uses case studies to give you practical examples of how to carry out an EIA.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for anyone with a management or non-management role, who has responsibility for developing a new policy or service or making changes to a current policy or service. It is helpful both for anyone who has not been involved in carrying out EIAs before, and for anyone who has carried out, or is carrying out EIAs, but has not had training in how to do so.


Learning outcomes

You will be able to: