What to expect from coaching

Following an initial consultation, you and your performance coach would make an agreement for a set number of sessions. The two of you would share responsibility for timing — sessions are normally about an hour or two in length, depending on your needs on the day.

The coach will give you complete and undivided attention for the duration of each session and absolute, unconditional confidentiality is assured. You will be helped to identify, select and focus on the most salient issues of the moment. The coach's commitment is to form a learning partnership with you to achieve clarity, purpose and progress. She/he will have both a sense of humour and a serious commitment to your success.

What do people say about performance coaching?

“My only regret is that I did not take performance coaching sooner. The investment in time and money has repaid itself ten times over in the renewed confidence I have found to push on with my career. I feel like some great stopper has been removed from a bottle!”

“Our sessions had a direct impact on my performance on some key projects, as well as work-life balance and some personal goals.”

“We covered a great deal of ground in the time. I wonder if we would have achieved quite as much had we met face to face?”

“Being listened to (really listened to) is a rare experience I find, and it's wonderful when it happens. This gave me the sense of our having made some real progress.”

“You were able so very quickly to get on my wavelength. That helped a lot because it's reassuring when you realise that someone you are talking to about important things really understands and appreciates what you are saying.”

“Follow-up on agreed actions was a very collaborative process and very refreshing.”

“It makes complete sense to take your own circumstances and plans as seriously as you would those of your company or organisation—why wouldn't you? When you are in a senior role, many important outcomes hinge on how well you are performing. You owe it to those around you and working for you to get it right. I would advise anyone to bite the bullet and get the coaching, like I did.”