The Diversity Quiz

Key questions on Equality and Diversity

Test out how well you know the issues — and develop your thinking. There are eight multiple-choice questions, which are summarised below so that you can work through them in order or go directly to those that most interest you. For each question there may be more than one applicable answer.

Q1 Why do organisations try to achieve diversity and/or equality?

Q2 What does equality mean?

Q3 What is the difference between equality and diversity?

Q4 What does diversity cover?

Q5 How can equality be achieved in organisations?

Q6 Who is the best person to achieve equality in organisations?

Q7 What is required to bring about diversity?

Q8 What are the biggest barriers to achieving equality or diversity in an organisation?

At the bottom of each Answer page you will find a Feedback link. If you have some feedback on our suggested answers (or disagree with them!) do let us know. Do you agree or disagree with us? Do our answers fit in with your experience?