Action Learning

Action Learning is one of the powerful interventions deployed by Maine-Stream with organisations and people. The Action Learning process will enable participants to build self-awareness, give space for more reflection, and allow flexibility and creativity. It will develop the ability to deal with change and to adapt quickly personally, and ability to lead organisations through change.

It is the study of real-life problems and their resolutions within a real-life environment. The success of an Action Learning programme depends on achieving a balance between action and reflection.

Action Learning was originally developed in the 1950s by Reg Revans, who asserted that:

Action Learning is a process in which people learn from and with each other. It takes a simple and systematic approach to the way we naturally learn and, in the process, provides a forum for people to interact and manage group dynamics.

A key function of Action Learning is to introduce new skills and to bring the weight of the combined intellect, experience and intuitive skill of the group to the solving of difficult persistent problems.

An Action Learning set can be likened to a personal think tank in which individuals reflect on their actions and develop ideas for overcoming obstacles.